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See below for more information and links to our upcoming watch party!

Wrestle Talk Podcast / Fantasy Wrestling Worldwide Chapter Royal Rumble Skype Party

We invite you to join on January 31st for our first ever virtual PPV watch party.

To be clear WILL NOT be broadcasting the PPV. Rather we’ll will be creating a space

for fans to share the experience of watching the show like we would at one of our more

traditional watch parties like we have in the past. Below is what you can expect to see:

  • 5pm – 5:10pm Skype Party begins and Intro
  • 5:10 – 6pm 1st give away, Featured Guest: B-Will (Brandon Williams of Esports Bar KC, @ESportsBarKC)
  • 6pm – 7:00pm 2nd give away, Guest: The Iceman (Howard Moritz 15+ Midwestern Pro Wrestling Vet and Dance Champion, @TheIceman4ever)
  • 7pm – 8pm 3rd give away, Guest: DBD (Derek Smith Hip-Hop artist and owner of Kingcade & Retrozone at the Oak Park Mall, Overland Park, KS, @Kingcade)
  • 8pm – 9pm 4th give away, Featured Guest: Curt Gannon (Curtis Poling Martial Artist, Gym Manager and Midwest Pro Wrestling Vet, @SuplexTheWorld)

Anyone in the professional wrestling community is welcome to join the party at any time.

We only ask everyone to remember that this will be recorded for distribution in the future

via other Wrestle Talk Podcast platforms including but not limited to the FWWC. It’s

important to remain respectful to each other. Even though cursing is allowed bullying is not.

So please remain respectful thought out the broadcast so it can remain enjoyable for everyone.

Lastly, thank you for your on-going support and your love of professional wrestling. It’s what unites us.

Link to Skype Party:

Link to FB Event Page: