It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

It was good while it lasted huh fans, this past Saturday Metro Pro Wrestling has closed their doors for the final time at the Turner Rec Center.

Unlike back in 2013 when Metro Pro went on hiatus only to return a few months later with a once every other month show. To just wave it off and say oh another one will come along is taboo it’s a wrestling home for so many, it’s a place for both wrestlers and fans alike to have a place of belonging and comraderies.

My own personal experience is growing up with no wrestling friends and support being interested in what I love so much and that’s professional wrestling.

Back in 2010 Metro Pro Wrestling premiered at Memorial Hall for 6 hours although Chris Gough owner of Metro Pro said that it was way too long and was not what he had in mind some fans enjoyed it. But it was a growing pain and lesson to get over and now we journey to compelling matches and story lines that led to Strider vs. Wyatt matches, guest appearances from Tommy Dreamer, Matt Striker, Christopher Daniels, Honky Tonk Man, Jim Cornett, and Rhyno it’s amazing to think that this promotion gained resounding respect and delivered the greatest matches in the region.

I showed up after looking at a story done about a talented wrestler in Ink magazine giving Metro Pro a sensational review. I was shocked at how much the ticket price was, $15 cheap but what kind of quality would be expected for such a fair price. Before I went to a show I shelled out $100 tickets to WWE shows only and of course I bought the merchandise so let’s round it up to $200 dollars.

Not expecting much because I was paying a $15-dollar ticket going 30-minute commute over to my sister state Kansas gave me a mid- level to high anxiety (another story for another time). By that point I’ve only watched YouTube videos and it looked legit yet in the back of my mind I still had my doubts.

Stepping in and seeing the ring was dare I say love at first site, “anywhere but the front row” which didn’t matter to me because I was still unbelievably close and to see these men and women come out and do what they do best, athletically entertain. What instantly won me over was the fact that I could take a photo with Steven J Girthy and The Iceman, and the first people I ever saw was Jeremy Wyatt and Adam Pearce fight. Although Girthy isn’t involved anymore Iceman and Jeremy Wyatt is reading this, I just want them to know that no matter where they are or who they decide to be in the ring I thank you for re-igniting the fire in me to achieve this lady’s passion for professional wrestling and cheer/booing you in and out the ring (because I can’t ever decide lol).

Everyone has said it over and over ever since Metro Pro has announced it’s transforming into Metro Pro so I suppose I will fall in line right along with it and agree it’s so terribly sad for it to go but we must, I implore every fan who loved it so much to look towards the future for incredible feats with NWL.

National Wrasslin’ League will give us something we haven’t seen before so close at home here in Kansas City and Saint Louis. I’m so excited perhaps this will finally give me the kick in the ass to get up and go to another promotion in a different city. This town is desperately thirsty for great quality production with characters to love and hate immensely and connect with.  Ladies and gentlemen we’re gathered here today in celebration of a new promotion called NWL.

  • Brandis Outlaw, Wrestle Talk Podcast’s resident blogger
  • @Love90Lady – Twitter

[Editor-in-Chief: Rene Martinez]