Recently I was doing my usual every-other-five-minute scroll through Twitter, when I see a fellow wrestling fan tweet the following; “I’ve found that not reading pro-wrestling dirt sheets have made watching wrestling much more enjoyable for me.” Contemplating that tweet, I can see his point. Not long ago, I myself made that same declaration because if you know me, you already know that I am straight-up when I talk. Haha, but for real, I have to ask, have we as pro-wrestling fans lost our connection and become jaded with the very sport we know and love? When is “being in the know” about pro-wrestling too much?

Like any argument there are two sides otherwise you’re just talking to yourself. Which I find myself doing quite a bit.(sarcasm)

It’s been said that the 80’s-90’s generation of fans are considered the last generation that had the privilege to know what it’s like to be entertained and wowed by the millions AND MILLIONS of wrestlers that crossed our television screens. Being dazzled by what they can do in the ring, the great feats they can accomplish and then honored in the Hall of Fame. Suddenly though, before we could even notice, that reality had been warped and changed. Sadly as all things do, we as fans also have evolved and become older and our view of professional wrestling is now more then ever heavily influenced by technology and has been infiltrated by media and pundits of all sorts. Bloggers, reporters, and photographers are just the start. The worst of which are called “Keyboard Warriors.” You know, fans that only remember what they hated about the show and not much else. For example; they will tell you how a match should’ve been booked and claim that anyone who doesn’t agree with their way of thinking is simply a dumbass. Leaving in their wake many average and even non-fans with little hope of ever seeing how great pro-wrestling really is if you simply take it for what it is. These “Keyboard Warrior’s” just give small glimpses (really just overly imaginative and negative opinions) and recounts of what they’ve heard about what’s “really going on” behind the scenes and why what they are watching could be soooo much better if they were in charge and making the decisions. So with these kill-joy’s lurking around what is the average fan left to do???

1) Memorize the show week after week
2) Notice patterns
3) Get tired of it
4) Go online and complain about it


I boldly tell you, “JUST SAY NO” to that negative outlook on pro-wrestling! Because this is what happens if you say yes to that garbage, you may see a TMZ report or even from a locally branded non-legit dirt sheet commenting their theories and opinions on the “quality of a show.” All this “expert opinion” coming from people that really have never truly done any work in wrestling except maybe for setting up a few chairs at a show because they showed up early enough to help. The result of all this negativity is what…? Fans no longer enjoying pro-wrestling because of the constant negativity, instead of taking it for what it is, you become bogged down to the same ol’ rhetoric, judgmental know-it-all fans critiquing every little thing instead of simply enjoying for what it all is…pro-wrestling SHOW!

“The other side” (fans who enjoy the show for what it is) can be seen enjoying the product much like you or I would look at a magic show, a movie, or even a football game. For us regular Joe’s and Jane’s (the average fan), who have grown up watching and incorporating this escape from reality into our everyday lives, we wouldn’t chance our perspective for anything! It has become our lives, reality, in short… IT’S STILL REAL TO US DAMMIT and we love it just the way it is.

So fellow fans, we cannot and must not ruin that for those who are still on the fence about pro-wrestling but most importantly for ourselves. Our 12 year old selves are screaming from the inside of each and every one of us telling us to not ruin it by pulling back the veil too much. Simply put, pro-wrestling is so much fun without all the extra BS. Sure it can make interesting conversation to speculate and have a strong opinion but it should solely tie to the sport itself and not the personal lives of wrestlers or cast judgment and opinions on stuff none of us really know about. Anyone can be caught up in the BS but just know all it will do is stress you out. So now say you’re watching Smackdown, Lucha Underground or whatever and now you feel like it’s worth watching because you saw some rumor on twitter or instagram that a wrestler broke up with his girlfriend or maybe a wrestler kicked a goldfish out the window (I don’t know how that would be possible, but that’s beside the point, lol) the point is, you are no longer watching it for enjoyment, you are watching it to judge the person based on a rumor instead of actually enjoying the show.

As fans we must learn to do like Ghostbusters and not cross the streams. Stay in “fan mode” fans! Go to the dirt sheets all you want, feel free to watch recaps, satirical recaps, at any time. Personally, I watch The Mark Remark and listen to the Wrestle Talk Podcast all the time and that’s ok but remember, the key is to not let go of your passion and enjoyment for pro-wrestling! Be sure to enjoy the matches you watch across any and all promotions large and small! You say you love professional wrestling right, and you don’t care what people say or think, right? Then close you laptops, hit the X on that twitter tab and start acting like it! Trust me, your doing us all a favor but especially yourself. I’m sure you’ll be back to thank me for the advice so, your welcome.

Until then Space Fans!

Written by: Brandis Outlaw @Love90Lady
Edited by: Rene Martinez @_The_Knight_Owl