Wrestling fan to Warriors Heart Champion, my career as a FWWC superstar…

Starting from when I was just a little boy I remember hearing stories from my father and my grandparents about the excitement and the thrill of wrestling at The Chase in Saint Louis, MO. I used to sit there and listen intently about such superstars the likes of Harley Race, Dick the Bruiser, Ric Flair, and the Cowboy Bob Orton and from there a wrestling fan was born. I remember growing up watching the WWF and  idolizing the likes of the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan and having matches in my room with “wrestling buddies” and dreaming of the day I would step foot into the ring on the biggest stage of the them all Wrestlemania than holding up that World Heavyweight Championship at the end of the night.


Now due to some physical issues and the cost to train as a professional wrestler, I was never able to achieve that dream. But a couple months ago that all changed. I found a place where I could live out what was thought to be the impossible and become one the biggest superstar in sports entertainment. The FWWC (Fantasy Wrestling Worldwide Chapter) is a fantasy organization where all walks of life can come together united by a love for professional wrestling! They cut promos, talk-trash and compete in matches during Monday Night Raw, Smackdown and of course WWE PPV’s for bragging rights and real championship belts! How I got involved is kinda of a funny story, it all started when a friend of mine Kenny aka Massacre who was ready in the fantasy wrestling group came to me and told me about the FWWC. Kenny and I have always shared a love for wrestling, it’s kind of what brought us together to begin with. He then told me that there was a whole group of people who shared the same love for wrestling him and I did, so I had to check it out and thus my career as the heavy metal loving, thrashing and bashing Metal Maniac Corbin Slater was born!



I could finally live out my dream of being a professional wrestler and it started with cutting my first video promo then another and another, which much to my surprise for me helped me find my true self. Somewhere I could be myself and finally overcome my fears of being in front of a camera. Promos lead to matches, matches lead to rivalries and rivalries lead to me to making a name for myself as Corbin Slater in “The Chapter.” Later, I found myself forming a new tag team with Mason “The Mechanic” Murray, the Mechanical Maniacs. We then quickly rose to the top of the UXT division. Match after match and promo after promo I finally got one of the biggest opportunities in my FWWC career, the chance to show that in my short time in The Chapter I deserved a shot at the most prestigious title in the FWWC, The Warriors Heart Championship! I earned one of the five available spots at the Royal Rumble PPV and the ultimate chance to live out a childhood dream to win the biggest title in the FWWC and I DID JUST THAT!

At the Royal Rumble I outlasted 5 other men including a legend, the then Warrior’s Heart Champion and the man that had done it all, La Familia’s own Jimbo Slice aka Big poppa Kirk. As the match came to a close and I was announced as the winner I couldn’t help but jump up and down (literally) in my living room full excitement! Finally knowing how it felt to be on top without ever actually stepping foot into a real ring was amazing to me and now I get to main event the biggest event in the group’s history, UniverseMania3! Incredibly this is just the beginning of the story of Corbin Slater and only time will tell what else is in store for the Metal Maniac. The Chapter as we call it, has given me an outlet to live out my wildest dreams and fantasies as well as form new friendships with people from all walks of life and all around the world. This isn’t just any group, it’s a community of fraternity of brothers and sisters who will go out of their way to help you improve and get better, a group of people that are happy to see you succeed as much as themselves. I have made life time friends in this group and the best part of all is they are a bunch of wrestling nerds just like me. So for anyone who can relate to my story and thinks they have what it takes to take my title away from me, well here is your open invite, “COME AND GET IT!” Just know that if you do, you must be prepared to “GET CAUGHT IN A MOSH!”


–Kyle Douglas aka Corbin “The Metal Manic” Slater–

Editor-in-Chief: Rene Martinez @_The_Knight_Owl