The Evolution of a Podcast


When I first decided to start The Wrestle Talk Podcast, I never dreamt it would become what it is today. What started as a 30-minute podcast with hardly any listeners, has now grown into a podcast that generates more and more people every week.

To start at the beginning of the Wrestle Talk Podcast, you must go back to the year 1987, with me, as an 8-year-old child, sitting in my living room watching WrestleMania 3.  I’m watching wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, and Randy Savage, just to name a few, and at that moment, I became a pro wrestling fan and am still a fan to this day.

Jump forward to Nov 2012, I had just finished listening to the podcast of my favorite youtube’r, named Kid Behind a Camera, and a thought came to my head about how I had not really heard of any podcast related to pro wrestling at the time.  I figured hell, if he can do a podcast about random stuff, why can’t I do one about pro-wrestling?

So, I started my 30 day trial with Blog Talk Radio, and started my 30-minute pro-wrestling podcast called Wrestle Talk, to no one’s surprise it bombed! I figured out quickly that this would be way more difficult than I had imaged it would be. I realized then, that if I wanted to become more successful with Wrestle Talk, I need some help to get there.  That’s when I decided to pick up my First Co-host, JB.


We decided to leave Blog talk, and start our own YouTube show, which seemed to work. We started to get more and more views than I had before by myself. I even created a character for the show, called Mr. Lance, who was a straight heel, and always gave JB a hard time.  The mixture of comedy and talking about pro wrestling, made the show enjoyable to watch as well, and it worked.  It worked until issues with availability led to JB stepping away from Wrestle Talk, leaving me to do things on my own, once again.

I stuck to doing YouTube shows for a while, and had some success; however, after a while, I decided to venture back to Blog Talk just to see if I would be able to be a little more successful than last time. I flew solo on Blog Talk until I got a call from Rick Rose, a friend of mine, about bringing Wrestle Talk to his internet Radio Station called, No Whinners Radio.

Making the move to No Whinners Radio proved to be a huge move towards the success of Wrestle talk, as the viewership skyrocketed with each episode, and the combination of Rick and Myself seemed to be a talented team for the show as well. I give Rick a ton of credit towards the success of the podcast as he did a ton of work with promoting it, and him bringing me on, led us to become more successful than we had ever been.

We stayed with No Whinners Radio for a while, until we decided to step away and venture to Blog Talk Radio again.  Now, I had mixed emotions about doing this, as it would be my 3rd trip to Blog Talk Radio, but Rick convinced me it would work.  I agreed, and we made the move to Blog Talk Radio, and it proved to be yet another great move for the show, as the show started to gain more and more attention with each episode.

We started to promote a local wrestling promotion named Covey Pro Wrestling from my home state of West Virginia. We had talent on the show just about every week in the form of Justin Time, who went from being just a guest to becoming part of the show, along with Richie White, and they would join us every week to go through everything that happened on Raw the previous night. At one point, Covey Pro even invited us to their show in Gettysburg,WV to do a live show, and it became the first of many live shows for the podcast with Covey Pro, with the biggest being their All or Nothing Show in April 2015.

On one show Rick brought in a couple guys from a Fantasy Wrestling group, called The Fantasy Wrestling Worldwide Chapter, or FWWC for short.  We started working with them on a regular basis, in particular with a guy named Rene Martinez aka The Knight Owl.

Bringing on the FWWC was something I am very proud of, as it continues gives the members a chance to give a voice to the characters they play in the group every week, and now the FWWC has their own podcast every week (sponsored by the WTP), but we still make time every week on the podcast for them.

Rene became one of my best friends, and shortly after helping me out with a show that Rick could not do due to travel, I brought Rene on as a third host, which, in my opinion, was the smartest thing I have never done for Wrestle Talk.

Rick stepped away due to contractual obligations with his Ghost Hunting team, and the show was left to myself and Rene, and we rolled with it. We changed everything about the podcast. Renaming It the Wrestle Talk Podcast, and changed the format of the podcast as well.

Since then, we have had the honor of having some big wrestling stars on the show, such as The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, Manny Fernandez, Mark Mero, and many more!

We have had the honor of being invited to Natsucon in Collinsville, IL, and had the pleasure to talk not just to wrestlers, but the fans as well.  We have a working relationship with Dynamo Pro Wrestling as well, and have become great friends with Luke Roberts, who continues to be a big part of the show to this day.

There are so many people that deserve credit for The Podcast being as successful as it is, and I thank each and everyone one of them, because without you, there may not be a Wrestle Talk Podcast today.

Big Daddy P- Brother, I was not sure about doing the prayer segment, but you proved me wrong, and it has become a huge part of the show, and thank you for everything for the show.

Luke Roberts- Brother you are amazing, and we thank you for everything you have done for us, day in and out

FWWC- What can I say?  You all are a bunch of crazy people, but you help make the best damn segment there is, each week

And I thank you Rene, as it’s your love for the podcast, and the time you spend on the podcast, that has helped us to become what we are today, and I am blessed to say that I can call you a friend. I know I drive you crazy, and make you want to pull out your hair, but you are my best friend, and have even opened your house to me, and I love you brother.

And to everyone else I may have missed…. Thank You!

In a Nutshell, this Podcast has grown into something I never dreamed it would be, and I’m amazed everyday with how it has grown. A podcast that went from hardly any views, to more views than we can count, and that is an amazing feeling.

We went from just a 30-minute podcast, to a 2-hour podcast, with guests every week, and added our own Website, Facebook, Twitter etc.  We do all this, not for us, but for each one of you.

We do this to give the local Indy Wrestlers a platform to get there story out there each week and that will never change because the wrestlers and the Wrestle Talk Family are and always will be the life blood of that show and for that we will forever be thankful.



Joe “Nightmare Jones” Lance