Hang on, we’re going for a ride! Let’s call it “Indie wrestling boom in the Midwest!”

It’s a perfect time to be alive as a fan of professional wrestling there’s so much to do, so much to see. Nothing is limited, except the literal black curtain at a wrestling event, today’s modern fans have access to keep up with every aspect of pro wrestling through social media, TV, etc.

Living in the Midwest particularly smack dab in the middle it, felt like there has been a bit of a drought, sure there was little stuff going on in places like Texas, Oklahoma, Southern Missouri and Illinois but there’s never felt like a serious boom. No promotions with true awareness that people were hungry for a consistently good product. For years Independent wrestling had a stank stigma in our Midwestern wrestling communities that if it wasn’t World Wrestling Entertainment, FCW (prior to NXT), OVW, Ring of Honor, TNA, Global Force Federation and top famous wrestling schools that held events then basically you were classified as a backyard wrestler living a pipedream AND BOY ARE PEOPLE WRONG!

To be brutally honest I too felt the same way, and I’m so humbled and blessed that my mind changed when I started attending independent wrestling shows here in the Kansas City area. We must though take into consideration that as wrestling fans this time of only seeing mainstream, well-known companies is becoming compromised and the spectrum of pro wrestling is broadening. So for the average fan that has solely watched WWE, TNA, and Ring of Honor for years it’s harder for them to be impressed. That’s because they have willingly or unwillingly bombarded themselves with all of the companies, production, scope, scale, and talent. So that if they compare it to their local promotion without knowing about it, it’s a potential loss for that local company, all due to lack of understanding.

But how great is it to see the walls of this stigma starting to fade away? Even though it there is and always will be a ton of bureaucracy and red tape to go through, it now looks like a melting pot is converging in my backyard! Some talent will continue going from place to place all over the country and all over the world unless they’re exclusively under contract with a specific promotion but it looks like Kansas City and the Midwest is starting to become a hot spot for wrestling and I’m happy to be right in the middle of it.

This revival has brought a ton of business, great future home-grown stars and promotions to the Midwest and like a kid during last year’s Christmas season, Midwest wrestling today is a wrestling fans version of Hatchimals in 2017 and going forward!

The arrival of The National Wrasslin’ League has created a ripple in Kansas, Missouri and has started spread all over the country. Now right in our region, companies are making comebacks and stepping their game up. And so are the fans, we are chomping at the bit to see what NWL, GWF, KCXW, Dynamo Pro, WLW, SICW and PWCS and other promotions come up with. Finally, we can flip on the autopilot and cruise through the year with non-stop action, compelling storylines captivating us and enjoy how they will send us through a whirlwind and torrential downpour of emotional stress both happy and angry. Crowning and losing championships, humiliation of the characters through unrequited love, desire to become great, proud, famous and all they back all within the year. Pro wrestling fans are you ready for this kick ass year of Professional wrestling? Hold on to your pro wrestling tees and Dean Ambrose asylum coffee mugs, 2017 is going to be one hell of a ride. Happy New Year!

  • Brandis Outlaw, Wrestle Talk Podcast’s resident blogger
  • @Love90Lady – Twitter

[Editor-in-Chief: Rene Martinez]