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STL announcers round table feat. Luke Roberts, Ben Simon & Drew Abbenhaus:








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One off my bucket list: WrestleMania 33 by Dejuan Mills

Imagine for a minute gathering all of your dreams and desires into a pile. Given the option to pick one dream out the pile, one per year, and having it come true. What seems impossible no longer is impossible…

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Wrestling fan to Warriors Heart Champion, my career as a FWWC superstar By: Kyle Douglas

Starting from when I was just a little boy I remember hearing stories from my father and my grandparents about the excitement and the thrill of Wrestling at The Chase in Saint Louis, MO. I used to sit there and listen intently about such superstars the likes of Harley Race, Dick the Bruiser, Ric Flair, and the Cowboy Bob Orton and from there a wrestling fan was born.

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Your Time Is Up, His Time Continues…

In any company, you always look for the perfect ambassador. In the wrestling industry, the first names that would come to mind would be…

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…And now I’m in the wrestling business

…And now I’m in the wrestling business (by Scott Kessler)

A few weeks ago, my friend Rene Martinez contacted me about an opportunity to do color and play by play commentary for a small local wrestling company called…

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“Indie-Wrestling boom in the Midwest!”

Living in the Midwest, particularly smack dab in the middle it, I’ve felt like there has been a bit of a drought…

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Metro Pro Wrestling: It’s so hard to say goodbye…

It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. It was good while it lasted huh fans, this past Saturday Metro Pro Wrestling has closed their doors for the final time at the Turner Rec Center. Unlike back in 2013 when Metro Pro went on hiatus only to return a few months...
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All Aboard The Kayfabe Time Machine

For those of you who don’t know me…and I assume that’s most of you…I’m Scott Kessler, the director of Wrestless: The Metro Pro Documentary, and I’ve been a professional wrestling fan for over thirty years. In that time, I’ve seen the fall of Kayfabe (and with it, the...
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Gimme The Gimmicks With Wrestling On The Side

I went to a show in the early part of October and saw a young talented man debut at this promotion. He came out simply ready for a fight, no flash, no flame, colorful attire, or snappy comebacks blowing smoke, just ready to fight! The young man did win his match and I...
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